Malta & Brexit: Implications for Moving & Living

Malta & Brexit: Implications for Moving & Living

The number of Britons living in Malta has increased since 2014 because many investors saw it as a good country for relocation due to its thriving economy. However, this is now in jeopardy following the Brexit referendum.

Luckily, Britons who are already living in Malta will not be forced to return home, despite speculation during negotiations between leaders of both countries. However, for those who haven’t yet moved it may become more difficult for them to live and work in Malta.

A University College London study found that over 300,000 British citizens are living in Malta today, with the majority being retirees who can enjoy better weather, lower taxes, and easy access to European travel routes after Brexit.

However, many of these Britons are not planning on moving back home after the implementation of Brexit, instead choosing to remain in their Maltese homes for years to come. In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about moving and living in Malta in a post-Brexit world.

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Gozo or Malta: Which Island Is Best for You?

Gozo or Malta

If you’re planning to visit or move to Malta, then you’ve probably come across the “Malta vs Gozo” debate. As the only inhabited islands in the country, those hoping to visit the archipelago will have to make a choice, will they stay in Gozo or Malta?

If you’ve done your research you probably know that these two islands are quite different, even though they’re only separated by a five-mile stretch of water. As a result, you may find yourself in a bit of a dilemma trying to decide where to stay.

If you’re moving to the country, you’ll probably end up visiting both islands no matter where you stay, but you still need to know which one of them you’ll call home. Tourists, on the other hand, will probably miss out on one of them since visitors usually stay at a single resort for the duration of their trip.

Luckily for you, we know plenty about both islands, and this post will be the perfect guide to help you select the ideal location between the two. First, we’ll look into each island individually, before comparing them and finally giving you a condensed list of pros and cons for each.

Hopefully, by the end of this post, you’ll know which of these islands suits you best, both for visiting or settling permanently.

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Malta Expat Forum Roundup: 4 Best Sites

Malta Expat Forum Roundup

Malta is a beautiful country and a wonderful place to live in. Nonetheless, life as an expat — far from your home country, in the middle of the Mediterranean — can definitely get lonely.

However, in a world that is getting increasingly interconnected, you need not fear stepping out in search of greener pastures. Those that have already taken the bold step and are working and living in Malta probably know there is a thriving expat community. And through the power of the internet, making new acquaintances has never been easier.

Whether you’re trying to meet like-minded individuals, make friends, or form a deeper connection, expat forums make sense. They are a great way to have your questions answered by people who have been through the same experiences, and create mutual, fulfilling, and constructive connections.

This article will open your eyes to the world of Malta’s expat forums. It will give you the details and guidelines on how to join them and a snap view of what to expect from each group.

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How to Retire in Malta: A Plan for Senior Expats

Retire In Malta

Comprised of a small group of five islands located just 100 miles south of Sicily, Malta is a common spot for vacations due to its picturesque towns and landscapes. Lately, the archipelago is also becoming increasingly popular as a destination for retirement.

However, retiring in another country is a major decision. Before you make the choice to retire in Malta, there’s a lot you should learn about the country and retiring to it.

In this guide, we’ll do a breakdown of everything you need to know about retirement in Malta and ensure that you have everything that you need in order to happily live out your golden years in style and comfort.

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Home Insurance in Malta

Home Insurance in Malta

When you own a home in Malta, insuring it is the only way to protect your investment in the event that tragedy strikes. Home insurance is necessary to ensure the costs are fully covered in case of thefts, fires, floods, or other disasters — be it man-made or naturally occurring.

While you might have to pay a deductible, the insurance company will cover costs and restore your home to a functional and habitable state.

Home insurance in Malta can be complex. Many homeowners, especially expats and non-natives, may be unsure of where to look for home insurance or which companies offer the best policies.

If you want to pay fewer premiums while getting the most coverage, you’ll have to educate yourself about what to look for when it comes to insurance policies, and how to obtain a fair price.

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a guide that should cover everything you need to know about home insurance in Malta. Continue reading to learn about premium and basic coverage, what basic plans include, and the average insurance costs for different regions.

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Living in Gozo: Cost, Quality, Pros & Cons

Living in Gozo: Cost, Quality, Pros & Cons

Five kilometres off the Maltese coast lies Gozo, commonly referred to as “Malta’s quaint and unique little sister.” Anyone who’s thought about moving to Malta, but would like a more sedate and easygoing lifestyle should consider living in Gozo instead.

Although only a short sea stretch separates the two isles, they are quite different. For starters, Gozo is only about a third the size of Malta and is more tranquil and rural. In Malta, you’ll find the hustle and bustle of big cities, while in Gozo, the way of life is still rooted in tradition.

If you are looking for tranquillity and a change of scenery, Gozo will be the perfect place for you. Things move at a leisurely pace, and the flow of life is dictated by agriculture, fishing, and the different seasons. If you are thinking of moving or retiring to a quiet place, the island can give you just that with its lush greenery, tiny villages and rural charm.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about living in Gozo, including the cost of living and the best locations to settle down in. Read on and find out if Gozo is the Mediterranean paradise you’ve been looking for!

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Complete Guide to Driving & Buying a Car in Malta

Complete Guide to Driving & Buying a Car in Malta

Stretching out over a series of islands in the Mediterranean, Malta is a delightful location that draws people in through rich history and beautiful landscapes. A single visit to this country can have you falling in love with it, and it’s no wonder that so many people decide to move to Malta to live both part-time and full-time.

It doesn’t matter if you’re living as an expat or simply visiting, you’ve probably realised that being able to drive yourself around is simply more convenient. While buying a car in Malta might seem like a complicated endeavour at first, it doesn’t need to be.

In this guide you’ll learn everything there is to know about driving in Malta, both as a tourist or a resident. We’ll also look into getting a Maltese licence and the process involved in buying your own car.

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