How to Work with Property Negotiators in Malta

Malta’s real estate market is packed with good-value opportunities with features to match almost every taste. But how can you be sure you’ve seen the best options? Or are getting the best price?

That’s where a property negotiator comes in. They act like a buyer’s real estate agent.

A good property negotiator can help you find the optimal property in Malta at the right price. At the very least they give the peace of mind that helps you feel like a professional is on your side.

When you go about selecting a property negotiator to work with, it really helps to have done your own research. Use this how-to guide you to the perfect property negotiator.

What Can a Property Negotiator Do for You?

Having a qualified professional leading your real estate search can help:

  • Make sure you see the properties that are best for you, including ones that might not be listed publicly.
  • Define a home’s best features and also spot the defects a seller might want to gloss over.
  • Settle on a final price and other important terms that make sure the deal works for you.

How to Screen and Choose a Property Negotiator in Malta

It’s important to note that compared to other countries, Malta’s real estate agents are much less regulated. The government has been working for several years to introduce more regulation but progress has been slow.

All of that is to say: property negotiators in Malta are not accredited. So, it’s important that you do your own due diligence.

In some cases, property negotiation can be seen as an entry into the real estate industry for those who would rather end up as real estate agents for sellers. Make sure you find a property negotiator who is as eager to work for you as they are to advance their own career!

In some cases, Maltese sellers will want to sell their property without the help of a real estate agent. These cases are a prime example of when a good property negotiator (and a good real estate lawyer) can really help make sure everything is done by the book.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Property Negotiator

Before you jump into such an important relationship, it definitely makes sense to pass a fine-tooth comb through the candidates you might hire. Ask yourself:

  • Are they relying on feedback and reviews from the people they help? Property negotiators who are hired by companies with employees relocating to Malta may sink or swim based on things like connections and the ability to deliver volume at a good price, rather than satisfying the end user of their services.
  • Does their specialty match your needs? Some property negotiators will be better at finding a newly built flat in an inner suburb of Valletta or a villa near Mdina or an old farmhouse on Gozo. Decide where in Malta you want to live and make sure your negotiator knows that area well.
  • Can they communicate the way you need them to? You’re probably busy with all the other aspects of your relocation to Malta — the last thing you need is to wade through lengthy email when a quick phone call would suffice.
  • Are they responsive to your needs? The nagging suspicion that a property negotiator is showing you the homes they want to sell rather than the ones you want to buy can sour the relationship.
  • When it comes time to finalize the deal will they be able to get you the best price? You want to be sure that your property negotiator can go up against the seller’s real estate agent and come out on top with a fair price for you.

Other Instances Where a Property Negotiator Could be Indispensable

Sure, property negotiators will mainly help you find and buy a property in Malta. But they can also be helpful if you need to:

What You Need to Know About Property Negotiators in Malta

A property negotiator is your main point of contact with the real estate market here in Malta.

During your search, they can help you best if you:

  • Do your due diligence before hiring them and can trust them to get the best price possible.
  • Give them specific details about you want (location, property size, proximity to schools and shopping) before the search starts.
  • Provide constructive feedback on what you liked and did not like about the properties they show you.

Get in touch and I’ll be happy to discuss how a property negotiator can help you and your search.