Working in Malta: Jobs, Permits & Self-Employment

Working in Malta

Have you visited Malta and fallen in love with it? Are you dreaming of escaping the rat race with your eyes set on a unique destination like Malta? If either of these describes you, you’re not alone. People from all over the world are flocking to the archipelago with hopes of settling and working in Malta.

Many choose to retire in Malta, but that’s years away — and quite expensive. Why wait when you can enjoy Malta right now? If you continue working and earning an income while living on the island, you can carry on with everyday life while reaping the benefits of living in the archipelago.

As a foreigner, there are some key elements to consider when planning your move, especially pertaining to how to work. The purpose of this guide is to describe the necessary permits and visas needed, explain the types of jobs in Malta for foreigners, discuss where to look for employment, and explore whether self-employment is an option for you.

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List of Special Designated Areas in Malta

St. Julians Bay in Malta

Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean and enjoying a fabulous climate, a relaxed pace of life, excellent flight connections, favourable tax structures and full EU membership, Malta is a popular place to invest in property.

The property market in Malta is stable and has produced excellent investment returns and with no tax on ownership or wealth, it’s not hard to understand why many expats are attracted to Malta.

Read on for the complete list of Special Designated Areas

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Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Malta

Moving to Malta

Are you thinking of moving to Malta? Everything from the lovely weather to the favorable tax rates make our country a preferred choice for relocation.

Some people make the move to Malta a goal of their carefully orchestrated life plan, to retire within view of the sunny Mediterranean. Others take an offer from their employer and change settings much more quickly.

Either way, there are essential details that will need to be taken care of in order for your relocation to go as smoothly as possible. This is the guide to take the stress out of moving.

Whether you’re thinking about hiring a mover or concerned about residence status for your self-employed spouse a bit of trepidation is understandable. And your perspective on moving to Malta will depend on your current home country.

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Investing in Malta: Funds, Property & Alternative Opportunities

Investing In Malta

Malta dangles the universally attractive carrot for international investors: The promise that investing in Malta comes with both security and good prices — plus, not many business-stifling regulations.

The country only gained its independence from Britain in 1974 and was already an EU member 30 years later in 2004. Since then it has gone through a few distinct waves of economic development and, throughout, enjoyed more or less stable government under a (mainly) two-party system.

Whether its hedge funds, online gambling or blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, the Maltese authorities have been much less conservative about regulating investing in Malta.

Largely, this was tied to the idea that financial services is one of the only industries that can be established with just a talent-friendly environment (i.e., low taxes, little crime, affordable housing) and a solid connection to the internet.

Investing in Malta is a fairly simple process. While the regulation is quite limited and geared to making business run smoothly, there are definitely finer points worth paying attention to and this guide will cover them all.

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Malta’s Tax System Explained

Malta Tax System

Despite the pastoral scenery surrounded by beaches and endless views of the ocean, Malta is very much a modern European economy.

That means a sophisticated tax system with a number of different tax regimes, which apply to foreigners, residents and citizens of Malta.

Sophistication can be a good thing (even if you’re not a tax advisor) because it allows the government to use taxes to have positive effects on your way of life. But the complexities of Malta’s tax code can get a bit frustrating at times.

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Malta Company Registration & Formation: Your Set Up Guide

Malta Company Formation Guide

Malta has a dynamic and growing economy with a labor force that is starting to catch up to the rest of Europe in terms of competitiveness. If you have an entrepreneurial idea, few places are better than Malta for starting your company.

Equally, Malta has one foot in Europe and the other committed to maintaining its pro-business tax haven laws. Malta is a strong candidate if you’re looking for a jurisdiction to start a holding company meant to shelter European income from taxes.

Many new companies are established in Malta every year and the process is relatively easy. But Maltese bureaucracy can move slowly and be on the tedious side if you try to go it alone and miss a critical step.

For that reason, it might make sense for you to work with a local adviser who can help walk you through the finer points of the process.

This comprehensive guide will help you get set to plan and register any type of company that you want to form in Malta. As well as trading companies, we’ll also cover the rules that pertain to offshore and holding companies.

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Citizenship by Investment in Malta: Costs, Process, Timeline & More

Malta Citizenship by Investment

The world in 2019 can seem like an uncertain place. Conflict and prosperity are no longer separated by oceans. And stressed international organizations are not the guarantors of safety they once were.

That’s why affluent entrepreneurs aren’t always content to stay home and hope for the best. Many take their destiny into their own hands and leverage their wealth to make a safer, more secure home for their family.

Malta’s citizenship by investment program is one of the most popular ways to fast track this process.

Malta has a lot to offer, including possibly the sunniest weather in Europe and one of the continent’s most favorable tax systems.

Even with all of these advantages, it might be the easiest place in the European Union to quickly get a passport — at a price. The government’s citizenship by investment scheme trades the pluses of Maltese citizenship for investment in the country.

This guide will cover all the details of how to get Maltese citizenship by investment — from the timeline to what documents you’ll need to support your application. It’s a big step and does not come cheaply, so read carefully and reach out for professional advice if you feel like you need further clarification.

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