Guide to Malta’s Tax Rates

Malta Tax Rates

At first glance, Malta appears to have a tax system that is very similar to what you’d find in Western Europe, North America or other developed countries.

There are tax brackets in Malta and the top bracket pays 35% of their above-threshold income.

For our purposes, the most interesting aspect of the tax system are Malta’s tax rates on foreign residents of Malta.

In a nutshell, if you qualify for this status, you will only pay Maltese tax on the income you generate in Malta or on money you remit to Malta. That probably means you pay a lot less than 35%.

There are exceptions and other points to keep in mind. And there are situations where you might want to become a Maltese citizen and therefore become subject to Malta’s entire tax system.

This guide will lead you through the finer points of all those eventualities. We’ll cover everything Malta’s capital gains taxes to the tax rates in Malta for corporations

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Malta’s Real Estate Market Report: Prices & Trends in 2019

Over the past two to three years, Malta has made headlines around the world for its robust real estate growth. But headlines being what they are, often raise more questions than they answer…

  • Does the sunny outlook apply across the islands?
  • Are some types of property more popular than others?
  • Are renters feeling the squeeze as much as buyers?

And then all of the questions that inform how you’ll behave if you’re entering Malta’s real estate market as an expat:

All of these questions and more will be answered as we dig into Malta’s real estate market. Find out where trends are going and what they mean for the financial future of buyers and sellers alike.

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Where to Find Property for Sale in Malta

Property For Sale In Malta

Malta has a thriving and diverse real estate market. There’s a property for sale in Malta to fit every lifestyle and budget.

There are several tools, detailed below, that you can put to work to find your perfect property that’s for sale in Malta.

Note that these vary slightly if the owners put their property up for sale without an agent. If your Maltese dream property is for sale by the owner there may be special considerations to take into account and you’ll get a thorough outline of those below.

You’ll also find a handy guide to the lingo and jargon used to advertise real estate for sale in Malta.

Buying a home is a huge life step and the research can get intense – especially when you are buying outside of your home country.

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Malta’s Investment Visa: Your Complete Guide

Malta Investment Visa

There are a few obvious reasons why Malta’s investment visa program is so popular. Malta is a safe place to live with a stable economy and a solid banking system.

As well, Malta’s investment visa offers visa-free travel within the Schengen zone to its holders.

Malta has a relatively fast course to citizenship, at least if you are a high net worth individual. There are some significant steps to that process and it can take up to two years to complete, so the investment visa may be a useful device in the interim.

Your eligibility for the investment visa program depends largely on your nationality and meeting the required criteria, mainly making the stipulated contribution.

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The Best Places to Live in Malta

Best Place to Live in Malta

At less than 50 kilometers from one end of the main island to the other, Malta seems like a small, easily accessible country. How hard could it be to find a place to live in a country where everything is supposedly a 35-minute drive from everything else?

Well, the usual problem of rush-hour traffic applies even more than normal to Malta’s aging road system. If your commute involves a trip into one of the historic areas with even narrower streets, it could climb above 75 minutes, each way.

Factor in dropping the kids off at school and life in a Mediterranean paradise could easily become a life spent in frustrating traffic.

So, the usual consideration about proximity to work and school definitely applies when it comes time to find a place to live in Malta.

Luckily, there are plenty of options for where to live in Malta spread across the five districts of the main island, plus Gozo.

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