Your Guide to Buying (or Selling) Property in Malta

Buying Property In Malta

Malta is a country at many people’s center of attention. People and businesses who think of the world as one global place, see the opportunity that Malta represents.

That means that Malta also has a dynamic and shifting real estate market that has some important intricacies to it.

Finding a home is about more than just making a list of must-haves and then buying the property that fits the bill. Conversely, selling a property in Malta’s hot real estate market also takes strategy.

From the perspectives of both tax rates and regulations, the Maltese government is obviously paying close attention to the property market in Malta and is set on actively participating. Some of these stipulations apply in particular if you’re not a Maltese citizen.

This guide will walk you through all of the finer details of buying and selling property in Malta from the taxes involved to how your nationality affects the rules you need to follow.

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Malta’s Real Estate Market Report: Prices & Trends in 2019

Malta Real Estate Market

Over the past two to three years, Malta has made headlines around the world for its robust real estate growth. But headlines being what they are, often raise more questions than they answer…

  • Does the sunny outlook apply across the islands?
  • Are some types of property more popular than others?
  • Are renters feeling the squeeze as much as buyers?

And then all of the questions that inform how you’ll behave if you’re entering Malta’s real estate market as an expat:

All of these questions and more will be answered as we dig into Malta’s real estate market. Find out where trends are going and what they mean for the financial future of buyers and sellers alike.

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Where to Find Property for Sale in Malta

Property For Sale In Malta

Malta has a thriving and diverse real estate market. There’s a property for sale in Malta to fit every lifestyle and budget.

There are several tools, detailed below, that you can put to work to find your perfect property that’s for sale in Malta.

Note that these vary slightly if the owners put their property up for sale without an agent. If your Maltese dream property is for sale by the owner there may be special considerations to take into account and you’ll get a thorough outline of those below.

You’ll also find a handy guide to the lingo and jargon used to advertise real estate for sale in Malta.

Buying a home is a huge life step and the research can get intense – especially when you are buying outside of your home country.

Preparation is critical and professional assistance can make the process go smoothly. This guide has everything you need for hiccup-free house hunt in Malta. Continue reading “Where to Find Property for Sale in Malta”

How to Work with Property Negotiators in Malta

Property Negotiators Malta

Malta’s real estate market is packed with good-value opportunities with features to match almost every taste. But how can you be sure you’ve seen the best options? Or are getting the best price?

That’s where a property negotiator comes in. They act like a buyer’s real estate agent.

A good property negotiator can help you find the optimal property in Malta at the right price. At the very least they give the peace of mind that helps you feel like a professional is on your side.

When you go about selecting a property negotiator to work with, it really helps to have done your own research. Use this how-to guide you to the perfect property negotiator.

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The Art of Finding Property in Malta to Rent

Malta Property Rent

Renting is a core way of finding a home here. Property rentals in Malta are especially popular with expats who make up a very large segment of the country’s tenants.

That’s partly because Malta is such a popular expat destination but also because there are no restrictions on foreigners renting property in Malta.

Real estate agents are sometimes used but often property will be for rent in Malta direct from its owner. On the tenant’s side, some property negotiators specialize in finding rental properties and can be hired to help in your search.

Finding a home to rent can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. What’s the best town? How much should I pay in rent? What length of tenancy can I expect?

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Trusted Property Management in Malta

Property Management Malta

Second properties are especially popular in Malta. A recent survey found that almost 20% of Maltese residents own a second property somewhere in the country.

The obvious thing to do with your vacation property (or principal residence) when you aren’t using it is to rent it out. You probably don’t want to trek up to Gozo to change the sheets every time a short-term tenant checks out. And who wants to worry about a leaky roof while overseas for an extended stay?

Both situations are where good real estate management comes in handy. And also makes owning multiple income properties doable.

But Malta is a small country and, to some extent, the government has learned the lesson demonstrated by its Mediterranean neighbors. So, there is a fairly significant set of regulations on buying and renting property in Malta, which discourage run-away development and slipshod rental practices.

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Guide to Commercial Property & Office Space in Malta

Malta Commercial Property

Many of us who call Malta home run our own business. If you’re planning to join the burgeoning class of entrepreneurs, you may also be on the hunt for office space or some type of commercial real estate in Malta.

Commercial property in Malta is a bit less widely available than the residential equivalent. It also tends to be more specialized, obviously, depending on the type of business you run.

Compared to renting or buying a residential property, there is an even greater expectation of caveat emptor and that both parties know what they’re doing when it comes to commercial property.

For all of those reasons, it is crucially important that you do your research, have a plan and seek advice whenever possible. This guide will help you draw up your plan and make essential decisions like whether to buy or rent in Malta.

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