Malta Tax Consultation

If you are looking to settle in Malta, or you are already living here, and you have questions regarding Maltese taxation, we can help in a number of ways, depending on where you are in the process. 

Our specialist, John, has more than 30 years professional experience. In this time he has been associate director of one of the big 4 auditing firms and acted both as an adviser to the Maltese Government as well a technical reference point in the drafting of the Malta Retirement Programme, the Global Residence Programme and The Residence Programme. He is also an Authorised Registered Mandatary at the Inland Revenue Department, Malta.

Note: Due to tightening compliance ‘Know your Customer’, regulations reputable firms on the island need to meet their clients before offering formal advice. 

How We Can Help You

General Expat Tax Advice in Malta

If you have general questions which aren’t answered by the information on our website and you need someone to clarify your understanding of the rules around Maltese taxation, we can help you in a consultation call or an in-person meeting in Malta.

  • Book an email correspondence session…
  • Book a telephone chat
  • Book an in person meeting (in Malta)…

What to Expect

This isn’t a formal consultation or legal advice – rather it’s intended as a quick and low cost way to clarify your understanding of the various rules to help you form your strategy for Malta.

How Many Questions Can I Ask?

There’s no set limit, within reason! We do ask you to formulate all questions in a single initial email (even if you are booking a telephone chat or in person meeting) to help us prepare and give you the best value we can in your consultation session.

It’s fine if you have a few follow up queries and exchange a couple of emails back and forth as well!

Specific Advice About Maltese Tax

If you need specific, detailed advice about your tax situation as an expat involved in Malta, whether you are a resident of Malta or a non-resident with assets in the country, this service is for you.

Please note that we need to meet you in person at our office in Malta.

We pride ourselves by offering an holistic, personalised approach which is only possible by getting to know our clients well, in person.

Advice You Can Rely On

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