School Advice Service

Finding the right school is a critical element of your move to Malta. Not only will you be moving to a new country, there are language and cultural issues to consider and with the many schooling options available the right choice can be difficult to make.

Let us provide you with advice and support in locating the most appropriate school for your child or children’s needs. Our advice is based on our extensive knowledge of the various education possibilities and having educated our own children on the island. 

When you use this service, you can expect us to:

  • Take the time to understand you and your children so that we can give recommendations as to which schools to investigate.
  • Help you by making appointments for you to visit the schools.
  • Be available to ask follow up questions and be a sounding board for your needs.
  • Give you impartial and honest advice – we make no introductory commissions from schools, so you can be assured that we focus purely on our genuine assessment of what is best for  you and your child or children.

Advice You Can Depend On

Want to start get started? Begin the process here €330 plus VAT (pay online)