Property Finder Service

Whether you are new to Malta or have been here for years, finding somewhere to buy or rent can be a frustrating experience. No one real estate agent seems to know of all the properties for sale, and sometimes they can be biased into only showing you a certain type of property.

Further more, many of the properties you will find online have already been rented or sold and the best properties are not even advertised online. Some owners will not allow their properties to be advertised even… Don’t be fooled into thinking this only happens with the local agents – even global estate agents you’ll recognise will publish properties which aren’t available.

We’ve developed this property finder service to take the pain out of this process, and to give you an independent third party, who acts in your best interests.

Using this service will:

  • Save you time and money; we’ll short list the best properties according to your requirements and budget.
  • Give you unbiased and honest advice about the best area for you to live – not where the estate agent can make the biggest commission!
  • Make sure someone is acting on your behalf, steering you clear of local sharks.
  • Give you someone on hand as your friendly guide whilst you complete the rental or purchase agreement. Though we can’t give you legal advice, we can introduce you to independent lawyers who will also act in your best interest.

Want to start get started? Begin the process here From €775 plus VAT (pay online)