Expat Support Service

Getting things done in Malta isn’t as straightforward as it is at home. Often the first time (or the second, or the third) you do things here, you’re given the run around.

We know how time consuming, costly and frustrating it can be as we’ve been through it ourselves.

This is why we offer this expat support service. By using this service you get unlimited email support for all things Malta. For any question you have, we’ll get back to you with an answer in 1 business day.

You can expect to:

  • Save time and money by relying on our insider knowledge gained whilst living and working in Malta for many years.
  • Save some serious cash – for example, we know how to ensure you pay the locals electricity rate, instead of the more expensive ‘expat’ rate!
  • Get help filling out forms correctly – we are here to help.
  • Give you recommendations for plumbers, electrician etc – we know who to call and who you can trust!
  • Lawyers, accountants, restaurants, bars, events – we’ve got you covered!

After using this service for 12 months, the average new-resident to Malta can expect to save €1640 by using this service, through introductions to our trusted contacts, and avoiding “foreigner pricing” for many goods and services.

In some cases however, the savings can end up being much greater.

Get A Voice You Can Trust

Our unlimited monthly support is only €50 per month (plus VAT). Get access here.